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Together for sustainable architecture and exterior design

VISENDUM® Technological Wood does not contain PVC, heavy metals nor silicates (present in rice husks). It is a 100% recyclable product with a system to reuse the material for more than 250 years. We are also the product on the market with the lowest amount of polymer and we manufacture in Europe.

certificación PEFC

PEFC certification  (environmental certification system that promotes sustainable forest management).

certificado medioambiental

Contribution to environmental certificates: LEED: MRC 2,4,5 and 7 | BREAM: MAT5, SyB9, RSB3 | GREEN: DO2, O6, B2 and C17).


Environmental product declaration (EPD). ENVIROMENTAL PRODUCT DECLARATION (EDP). Certified according to NF EN ISO 14025, NF EN 15804+A1, NF EN 15804/CN.

certificación ISO 14001

ISO 14001 environmental certification.

Certificado 14040

ISO 14040-44 LIFE CYCLE analysis. The manufacturing process involves an impact of only 0.33 kg/CO2 per kg produced. The maritime transport of products from China or the United States alone already accounts for 350% of this amount.

Icono medioambiente

The ISO 16000-6 VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Particulate Contaminant Test.


The ISO 16003 test for aldehyde content (carcinogenic), CERTIFIED A+, the best possible within the scale.

European safety standards: the Spanish Technical Building Code (Código Técnico de la Edificación, CTE)

The Spanish Technical Building Code (CTE) is the set of regulations of the technical-legislative framework for safety and habitability in which buildings must be constructed. Requirements such as slip resistance in wet floor environments (swimming pools, showers, boardwalks, ports, etc.) are covered by VISENDUM® in terms of Personal Safety: Physical and Legal.

Normas de seguridad europeas
Tarima antideslizante

DIN 51130 test on wet floors of users with SHOES on an inclined plane: R12 longitudinal direction and R13 transverse direction.

Tarima antideslizante

European test UNE 41901:2017 EX to determine the value of the Slip Resistance Rd. CTE minimum requirement: Rd > 45, class 3.

Tarima antideslizante

Safety requirements against the risk of falls according to the TECHNICAL BUILDING CODE (CTE) DB-SUA/1.

Tarima antideslizante

Test DIN 51097 Class C (higher than class B): suitable for barefoot use in swimming pool areas.

Together for European quality and durability

VISENDUM® Technological Wood will not warp, turn grey or crack.

EN 410 and ASTM E 1980 solar reflectance index (SRI) test. SRI of 32 (W m-2 K-1).

VISENDUM® Technological Decking is resistant to fresh, salt and chlorinated water. This makes it ideal for swimming pool beaches and boardwalks.

electricidad estática

It does not generate static electricity in natural line due to its high content of recycled pine.

Resistance to extreme climates: desert, mountain, continental, marine, etc.

European EN 321 test: passes the test of 8 consecutive cycles. 1 cycle: 3 days in water at 20°C, 1 day in the freezer at -15°C and 3 days in an oven at 70°C.

After 8 consecutive complete cycles of one week each, the breaking energy (shock resistance) increases by 7.3% and the material does not rot or disintegrate.

Tarima resistente al agua salada
Tarima resistente al agua salada

European test NF EN 335 determining resistance to lignivorous fungi. The average relative mass loss is less than 5%, class 4 (very durable).

European test NF EN 118 for termite resistance, certifying protection against termites.

European EN 317 water resistance test. Swelling less than 0.4% after 24 hours immersion in water.

Fire resistance according to UNE-EN 13823 test, up to B s1 d0.

Maintenance-free separation fences up to 1,8 meters high.

European EN-CAPE-08-219-C-Vo test for wind resistance up to 120km/hour.

European test UNE-EN 1793-2:1998 of class B3 acoustic insulation.

Clips de fijación

Fastening clips in non-ferritic stainless steel AISI 316 or AISI 304L.

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