VISENDUM® is Technological Wood® and Technological Decking®

Innovative and Sustainable Nature

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Technological wood® What is it?

Technological Wood is a high-performance composite made by combining the best PEFC recycled pine wood fibers with a small amount of advanced polymers, forming a combination together with sealing agents. Our technology has made it possible to create a technological wood decking that is resistant to any type of climate and with no treatment.

The VISENDUM® Technological Wood formula is unique in the market: it is solid, combines 70% recycled pinewood with 30% high-density polyethylene, contains no PVC, heavy metals nor silicates, is maintenance-free and has an outstanding reusability of 250 years.

Our materials offer excellent properties in terms of outdoor durability, especially thanks to our Technological Wood composition and the quality of the materials used.

que es madera tecnológica

Technological Wood®  usage

Technological Wood is used in architecture, landscaping and exterior decoration, and not only for private homeowners, but also for large projects such as hotels, industrial buildings or shopping centers.

The applications where VISENDUM® Engineered Wood stands out the most are: Decking / Cladding and roofs / Fences and Enclosures / Pergolas and Solar protection / Accessories.

Its main is outdoors and it works in all types of climates, whether extreme or temperate, such as mountain, desert, continental, humid and marine. Thanks to its sustainable manufacturing, in VISENDUM® we avoid the felling of millions of trees and the consumption of thousands of liters of fuel oil for transportation, thus fighting against the deforestation of the planet and facing climate change.


Decorating outdoor spaces with Technological Decking guarantees durability without losing sight of design and functionality.

The Technological Decking projects are very versatile as exterior paving, cladding and wall cladding, fencing gardens, pérgolas, sun protection and brise soleil. Our Technological Wood is ideal for installation on terraces, gardens, swimming pools, building walls and in public places with frequent traffic.

It does not rot, does not turn grey, does not crack, resists fire, water, wind and the proliferation of fungi and termites. All this with the guarantee of passing different types of recognized tests.

Tarima tecnológica estándar de calidad

TECHNOLOGICAL DECKING, a quality standard

It is common to find VISENDUM® Technological Decking in high-level outdoor applications in all types of contexts: it resists slipping on wet floors and on inclined surfaces, whether the user is wearing shoes or barefoot, and meets all the strict requirements of the Spanish Technical Building Code, so the material performs excellently in environments with wet floors, such as swimming pools, showers, marshes, boardwalks or harbors.

It does not generate static electricity, due to its low HDPE polymer content, the lowest on the market, and it is conceptually designed to be solid, so it does not contain any holes in decking, which can harbor decomposing water, insects and microbes.


Is VISENDUM® sustainable? Let's see:

- 70% PEFC recycled pinewood.

- 100% recyclable.

- 250 years of useful life.

- PVC and silicates free.

- CO2 reservoir.

- European design and manufacture. No trees or bushes are cut down in the manufacture of VISENDUM®, since our raw material is the residue from sawmills and the cleaning of European forests.

- Clean and sustainable production process.

- Maintenance free, so it does not need toxic oils and varnishes as natural woods do (ipe, teak, iroko, Cumaru Bangkirai, lapacho, pine, fir, cedar, oak, robinia and bamboo).

Sostenibilidad Visendum

Advantages over other materials

It has already been mentioned how other manufacturers that use materials such as bamboo, tropical wood and PVC manufacture without respecting the circular economy, thus aggravating the environmental disaster that this entails for the planet.

No less remarkable, under purely technical criteria, are the advantages over synthetic composites or WPC since, unlike the latter, VISENDUM® Technological Wood offers a warm feel thanks to its high pinewood compositio. VISENDUM® also does not generate static electricity or slip, according to the Spanish CTE (EN321 Test: resisting sudden changes in temperature and humidity), is fully recyclable and has a higher mechanical strength than imported synthetic composites, which come mainly from China and the USA.

VISENDUM® TECHNOLOGICAL WOOD® and TECHNOLOGICAL DECKING® complies with all safety and hygiene standards during the production process, storage and production, as well as the technical regulations of the Spanish CTE.

VISENDUM® is a European manufactured product that meets all EU quality and technical requirements -see CE Post-. It features unmatched mechanical resistance and durability, safety in use, anti-slip, numerous environmental certifications, fire, water and wind resistance, thermal insulation and resistance to extreme climates.

Its installation is very simple due to its ease of assembly and the attentive technical assistance of VISENDUM®.

What leads Ricardo Bofill and Toyo Ito to choose VISENDUM®?

VISENDUM® European Engineered Wood is located in renowned megaprojects such as Ricardo Bofill's Terminal 1 at Barcelona's El Prat Airport, the largest Technological Decking construction site in Europe.

Considered one of the main leader architect of the postmodern movement, Bofill was active for almost 60 years, thanks to his various works carried out internationally with his own architectural studio (RBTA), which he founded in 1963. Throughout his career, he received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Cross of Saint George in 1973. In 1985 he was elected an honorary member of the American Institute of Architects, a very prestigious position.

He mentioned that what he liked most was "inventing architecture, languages, vocabularies and, at the same time, being in the issues that look to the future".

Bofill RBTA chooses VISENDUM® for its unsurpassed quality and sustainability.

Proyecto T1 Prat Ricardo Bofill
Proyecto hotel Santos Porta

VISENDUM® Technological Decking is also installed in the Hotel Santos Porta Fira in Barcelona, designed by Toyo Ito and b720 Arquitectos, winner of the 2010 Emporis Skyscraper Award for the best skyscraper in the world.

Considered one of the world's most innovative and influential architects, Ito strives to achieve a fluid architecture far removed from the limitations of modern architecture. In 2008 he won the Frederick Kiesler Architecture and Arts Prize and in 2013 he was awarded the Pritzker Prize, a prestigious distinction recognized as the most important in the world of architecture. Toyo Ito also chooses VISENDUM®.

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