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Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Because of our commitment to quality, service and the fight against climate change, while other manufacturers use imported tropical woods and synthetic composites responsible for burning thousands of liters of heavy fuel oil in maritime transport. VISENDUM® does not contain PVC or silicates. Our resin content is less than 30% and it is HDPE, a material that resists very well outdoors. We manufacture solid boards in Europe which are 100% recyclable. The delivery of the material is direct from VISENDUM®, without intermediaries and with the advice of our excellent technicians, offering up to 25 years of warranty on all our products.

Yes, because it is obtained from recycled products and is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life, it does not require any maintenance products and its manufacture process consumes very little energy.

It does not contain any toxic products, such as heavy metals or PVC, and has a system for reusing the same material for more than 250 years, named EcoBox.

In addition, VISENDUM® does not cut any trees during its manufacturing process and is a C02 reservoir, being our carbon footprint negative.

No, because they do not require any particular protection. On the contrary, products such as bamboo, ipé, teak, iroko, bangkirai cumaru, lapacho, pine, fir, cedar, oak or robinia do need periodic maintenance. Technological Wood profiles only need to be cleaned with water, no chemical products are necessary for the treatment or protection of the wood.

Tropical and natural wood blackens, but VISENDUM® does not, thanks to its high percentage of recycled pine and low HDPE content. VISENDUM® is solid, without holes, does not turn grey, does not warp or crack.

Yes, VISENDUM® Technological Wood withstands extreme climates such as desert, mountain, continental or marine climates, withstanding both high and low temperatures, such as frost. VISENDUM® passes the European EN 321 test that measures the resistance of the material in extreme climates in 8 consecutive one-week cycles, each one comprising: 3 days of immersion in water at 20ºC, then 1 day in the freezer at -15ºC and finally 3 days in an oven at 70ºC, to start again with immersion in water for the second cycle and so on until the 8 weeks are completed.

VISENDUM® recyclable wood does not generate static electricity and prevents barefoot burns from heat. On the contrary, the large amount of plastic in many of the synthetic composites on the market causes them to generate static electricity, slip, expand and contract excessively, and burn bare feet with heat, since they are practically all encapsulated with 100% plastic on their surface, apart from losing their color with the passage of time.

Yes, it avoids it, because VISENDUM® Engineered Wood is solid, so it cannot contain rotting water in its interior.

Yes, they do not twist because they have a large part of homogeneous pine wood fiber and no knots.

Yes, because VISENDUM® Engineered Wood is resistant to lignivorous fungi, with an average relative mass of less than 5%, and is protected against the Saintonge termite. The tests that corroborate this are NF EN 335 (Fungi) and NF EN 118 (Termites).

Thanks to its composition, VISENDUM® does not produce splinters.

No, Technological Wood cannot be used for structural applications.  However, it can always be used as a coating system/finish.

Yes, VISENDUM® is aldehyde-free, as it contains 0% aldehydes.

VISENDUM® is composed of 70% recycled PEFC pine wood from forest clearance with an HDPE polymeric matrix. Its production process is clean, requires little energy and does not pollute.

The polymeric matrix protects the wood from external aggressions; water, sun, wind, termites, fungus...

For private use, the VISENDUM® Technological Wood warranty is 25 years, while for public, community or commercial use, it is 10 years.

Yes, VISENDUM® Technological Wood is solid and without holes to avoid rotting water inside.

Differentiating itself from both domestic and imported WPC synthetic composites, the brands Madera Tecnológica® and Tarima Tecnológica® are the property of VISENDUM® and are registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Yes, VISENDUM® Technological Wood avoids the deforestation of the planet, unlike what is happening with tropical and natural woods, and prevents the burning of thousands of liters of fuel oil for transportation as a result of the importation of bamboo, tropical/natural woods and synthetic composites.

VISENDUM® adopts a responsible attitude towards daily actions in the work environment, as well as in consumption and environment. Respect for human rights is the basis and essence of any healthy society, which is why VISENDUM® manufactures in Europe, a place of democracy and respect for human rights and not in dictatorships. VISENDUM® is committed to society and to national employment and therefore chooses to provide productive value in Spain and Europe, and not import from countries such as China.

Yes, VISENDUM® uses the circular economy and sustainable production model, protecting the environment and making optimal use of resources to add value, thus adapting to the economy of the future and respecting the planet.

Yes, VISENDUM® guarantees safety and hygiene protocols in the manufacturing, logistic and commercialization process, something really important in the current world situation.

Numerous prestigious architects such as Ricardo Bofill, Toyo Ito and b720 Fermín Vázquez Architects value and approve VISENDUM®, prescribing the brand and explaining the advantages and benefits of VISENDUM® Technological Wood products. The experience of VISENDUM® Engineered Wood in large-scale projects has been proven since 1999. For example, with the largest European Engineered Wood project, located at Barcelona Airport, which was carried out with VISENDUM® material in 2008 and it is still installed to the present day.

One of the major concerns is usually the quality control of the processes, due to the civil liability that it entails in accordance with the Law of Building Management. In this sense, VISENDUM® Technological Wood complies with all the requirements of the Technical Building Code. VISENDUM® Tarima Tecnológica® promotes sustainable construction and architecture with thousands of possibilities far superior to other brands and materials (such as custom-made pieces), which is why it certifies and passes a wide range of technical tests that are especially relevant for this purpose.

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