VISENDUM® Technological wood:
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VISENDUM® is the smart outdoor Technological Wood® solution, whose innovative formula consists of the combination of the highest quality recycled pinewood with advanced polymers. It is a unique formula in the market: the Technological Wood is solid, contains 70% of recycled pinewood, does not contain PVC, heavy metals or silicates and does not require maintenance.

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As an inseparable factor of innovation, environmental protection is essential to VISENDUM® Technological Wood. It is simple: the premise for VISENDUM®’s innovation is the obligation to be sustainable. This is why our raw material consists of the remains of forest and sawmill cleaning. Our production model is circular in nature, preventing the felling of thousands of trees and the logistical pollution caused by the importation of bamboo, synthetic composites and other tropical woods, coming mostly from China and the USA. We use forest and sawmill cleaning residues as raw material.


Certified European quality that:

  • Does not rot.
  • Does not bend or deform.
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions without cracking or splintering, which is why it is recommended for outdoors.
  • It does not need paints or varnishes of protection.
  • It is non-slip.
  • It is quick and easy to install.
  • It is suitable for all climates, including extreme climates.

You can find the complete certification characteristics on our Technical Information page.

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Responsabilidad Visendum con el medio ambiente


As a manufacturer whose main focus is on sustainability, responsibility is a fundamental part of our DNA, and we apply it in all our actions, both in our product principles and in our own working, consumer and natural environment. We believe in a better world that we strive for through our daily actions, where we all have a say and the right and duty to participate in making it a healthier and more livable world.

Customer service

VISENDUM® is Technological Wood, and also a team of professionals who share the path to quality, innovation and sustainability with you. As an extension of our overall philosophy, our product approach and our history, our service strategy puts our customers' satisfaction and well-being at the center of our company. We focus on honesty, which is the main reason why our customers engage with us: they seek us as the right partner in the execution of their projects thanks to our excellent technical support and customer service.

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Our vital commitment

VISENDUM® Technological Wood’s raw material come from the CLEANING OF FORESTS AND SAWMILL WOOD REMAINS.

Natural wood consumption, however, is faster than trees grow, and species such as Pinus pinaster, which needs 30 to 40 years to grow to 35 to 40 cm in diameter, or oak, which needs 80 to 250 years, are threatened by logging.

How can we avoid the emission of millions of kg of CO2 into the atmosphere? Substituting products coming from China and the United States. Why those countries? because of their enormous cost in CO2 emissions due to maritime transport and because they are literally the most polluting countries in the world.

VISENDUM® Technological Wood does not require cutting any trees or shrubs.

VISENDUM® Technological Wood does not require maintenance, oils or varnishes as natural woods (whether tropical woods such as ipe, teak, iroko, Cumaru Bangkirai, lapacho... or pine, fir, cedar, oak, robinia...) and bamboo do.

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Our product commitment and our life commitment go hand in hand. Together with a clean and sustainable production process, we design and manufacture VISENDUM® Technological Wood for outdoor use in mountain, desert, continental, humid and marine climates.

Our materials constitute Technological Wood solid planks for outdoor flooring and lightweight slats for pergolas and cladding, all manufactured in Europe, with 70% PEFC recycled pinewood and 30% HDPE resin.

We connect this philosophy to a more personal outdoor use in walkways, pavements, pool decks, decking, terraces, steps, stairs, doors, furniture, wall and cladding, pergolas, trellises, fences and enclosures.

Our certification processes

From our beginnings, VISENDUM® Technological Wood has always developed a clear focus towards the highest standards of all kinds. This mentality has permanently gone hand in hand with rigorousness in all our processes and, consequently, different standardizations and certifications are guaranteed in the areas of Sustainability, Quality, Durability and Safety. Mentioning them is an indispensable part of the answer to the question: Why VISENDUM®?

Tarima innovadora

We have differentiated three sections to explain the values, guarantees, tests and technical certifications of VISENDUM® Wood Technology:

  • Environmental Certifications
  • Technical Safety Standards (Spanish CTE)
  • Quality Tests
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