Straight Stair Nosing

Product Categories: Special Fabrications, Stair Nosing

Colour: Color seleccionado

ApricotExotic BrownEmerald GreyAnthracite GreySabanaEcuador

The straight stair nosing provides the finishing touch to your pool or stands, seamlessly blending with the rest of the decking or VISENDUM® slats.


Designed for an elegant cladding, enhancing the sense of spaciousness. Choose between straight or curved stair nosing based on your needs.

Technical Details


Straight Stair Nosing Dimension: 160mm x 84mm x 2000mm

Available in 6 colors:

  • Apricot
  • Exotic Brown
  • Emerald Grey
  • Anthracite Grey
  • Savannah
  • Equator

SMOOTH finish