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Exotic Brown / Metallic BrownExotic Brown / Metallic Silver GreyExotic Brown / Metallic Anthracite GreyExotic Brown / Sandy Silver GreyExotic Brown / Sandy Anthracite GreyAnthracite Grey / Metallic BrownAnthracite Grey / Metallic Silver GreyAnthracite Grey / Anthracite GreyAnthracite Grey / Sandy Silver GreyAnthracite Grey / Sandy Anthracite Grey

The Natural fence board is ideal for…

…fencing to protect you from the wind and unwanted glances. The Technological Wood fencing is resistant and innovative. By integrating our fencing into your outdoor areas, our products will help you create a cozy space for relaxation and mindfulness. The numerous VISENDUM® accessories in smooth or sandy finish will delight decoration enthusiasts. Unleash your creativity by alternating the smooth and grooved sides of the Technological Wood profiles!

A reversible and wind-resistant Technological Wood slat for fences

The Natural fence slat is a reversible slat with one smooth side and one grooved side. It is part of the Natural Line of VISENDUM® and consists of a mostly recycled pinewood slat produced with VISENDUM®’s Engineered Wood technology, which gives it unique hardness. On the other hand, it withstands winds of 120 km/h and is very practical, thanks to its profile adapted for use in enclosures and fences. This slat is not suitable for use directly in walls. For this type of use, the High-Tech fence slat is preferable.

A wide range of smooth or sandy aluminum reinforcements

The reinforcements are an essential accessory to ensure the robustness of the fence. These accessories are divided into three types: upper, intermediate, and lower.

The upper reinforcement is installed horizontally at the top of the fence. It ensures its fastening and rigidity, with a modern aesthetic and lasting firmness.

The intermediate reinforcement should be inserted every three slats to ensure the durability of the fence while providing a modern style.

The lower reinforcement is installed below the first slat to hold the panel and ensure its resistance.

All three reinforcements are available in two different finishes: Metallic Aluminum (colors: Brown, Anthracite Grey, and Silver Grey) and Sandy Aluminum (colors: Sandy Anthracite Grey and Sandy Silver Grey)


A Technological Wood fence board for every taste!

Thanks to its numerous decorative accessories, you can easily compose a stylish, functional, and ingenious enclosure. It will perfectly adapt to your project: you can choose the height, width, placement, etc. The Natural Technological Wood slat is rot-proof with up to 25-year warranty, featuring one smooth side and another grooved side that will allow you to create a panel with an original and authentic style.

Technical Details


Dimensions 150 x 21 x 1783 mm


Available in:

  • Upper Reinforcement: 40 x 40 x 2000 mm
  • Intermediate Reinforcement: 23.3 x 24 x 1730 mm
  • Lower Reinforcement: 40 x 38 x 1730 mm


  • Exotic Brown
  • Anthracite Grey


  • Brown
  • Anthracite Grey
  • Silver Grey
  • Sandy Anthracite Grey
  • Sandy Silver Grey

Slat finish: SMOOTH & GROOVED

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