Metallic Aluminum Posts

Product Categories: Fences and Enclosures

For a complete finishing touch, we have developed a series of accessories designed to achieve perfect integration with the rest of the materials.

The double-shell post support is made of thermolacquered aluminum, which secures the fence post to a concrete slab surface.

At the top of each post, a discreet and aesthetically pleasing thermolacquered aluminum cap is also installed.


Thermolacquered aluminum fence post, wind-resistant and suitable for all types of ground, with multiple applications: windbreaks, covering and enclosure.

Technical Details

DIMENSIONS Available in 2 sizes:

  • 70mm x 70mm x 1240 mm
  • 70mm x 70mm x 2315 mm

COLORS Available in 3 Colors:

  • Metallic Brown
  • Metallic Silver Grey
  • Metallic Anthracite Grey