High-Tech slats

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Lima BrownRio BrownBelem GreyUshuaia GreyCoffee BrownMarengo Grey

The HIGH-TECH slats are ideal for…

…all kinds of places where walking with footwear is common, such as café terraces, hotels and restaurants, walkways, access paths, and outdoor kitchens, among others. Its slip-resistant capacity will allow you to walk with total peace of mind on the terrace. It has a natural appearance and intense color, facilitating its ideal integration into all kinds of outdoor spaces.

A High-Tech Technological Wood board requires zero treatments and features an elegant color that does not change over time. Its intense color gives it great uniqueness. It is waterproof and allows for easy and quick cleaning of grease and food stains.

High-Tech Technological Wood® profiles

The encapsulated board belonging to the High-Tech line is completely innovative and resistant. This technological innovation consists of covering the Technological Wood plank with a layer of polymers that protects the slat both superficially and internally to ensure a unique tone and ease of cleaning over time. Thus, it provides exceptional resistance qualities to UV rays and stains, as well as material waterproofing.

Regardless of the chosen color, the High-Tech boards offer a unique and sophisticated aesthetic.

The high-tech plank with an anti-slip coefficient R12-R13!

The R&D team has designed the High-Tech slat with a textured finish and R12-13 anti-slip certification, which meets the high demands of the market thanks to its high grip. Its excellent technical properties captivate both individuals and professionals.


Optimal and slip-resistant Technological Wood slats

The high-tech slat offers the particularity of having a very high adhesion, which guarantees a great anti-slip capacity. The raw feel and sophisticated surface also give it an authentic character. The innovative production technology guarantees exceptional properties and easy cleaning of stains on the floor, even after many years of use.

Technical Details

Available dimensions:

  • 150mm x 21mm x 2000mm DERMIA
  • 160mm x 23mm x 2000mm CROSS

Special sizes available up to 7m long (on request)

Available colors:

  • Lima Brown
  • Rio Brown
  • Coffee Brown
  • Belem Grey
  • Ushuaia Grey
  • Marengo Grey

HIGH-TECH finish