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The High-Tech Technological Wood fence board is ideal for…

…all types of fences, terrace panels, private fences, etc. The VISENDUM® fencing is very easy to install and, along with the smooth or sandy finish accessories, will turn your outdoor areas into a trendy corner, perfect for relaxation. You will surely find the ideal option among Light Brown or Light Grey.

A fence slat that embraces innovation

The encapsulated board belongs to the High-Tech Line and is obtained through a unique extrusion process. This innovative process involves coating the Technological Wood panel with a polymer covering. This protects the wood and increases its resistance to UV rays and stains. Like the rest of the VISENDUM fence slats, it withstands winds of 120 km/h and is very practical, thanks to its profile adapted for use in enclosures and fences.

Protect the environment with VISENDUM® coatings

The High-Tech slat is made with Engineered Wood technology without formaldehyde or heavy metals, offering a polished and authentic look. You’ll be making a gesture towards the planet by choosing a 100% recyclable fence slat, designed for outdoor use.

A wide range of smooth or sandy aluminum reinforcements

The reinforcements are an essential accessory to ensure the robustness of the fence. These accessories are divided into three types: upper, intermediate, and lower.

The upper reinforcement is installed horizontally at the top of the fence. It ensures its fastening and rigidity, with a modern aesthetic and lasting firmness.

The intermediate reinforcement should be inserted every three slats to ensure the durability of the fence while providing a modern style.

The lower reinforcement is installed below the first slat to hold the panel and ensure its resistance.

All three reinforcements are available in two different finishes: Metallic Aluminum (colors: Brown, Anthracite Grey, and Silver Grey) and Sandy Aluminum (colors: Sandy Anthracite Grey and Sandy Silver Grey)


A Technological Wood fence board for every taste!

Thanks to its numerous decorative accessories, you can easily compose a stylish, functional, and ingenious enclosure. It will perfectly adapt to your project: you can choose the height, width, placement, etc. The Natural Technological Wood slat is rot-proof with up to 25-year warranty, featuring one smooth side and another grooved side that will allow you to create a panel with an original and authentic style.

Technical Details


Dimensions 150 x 21 x 1783 mm


Available in:

  • Upper Reinforcement: 40 x 40 x 2000 mm
  • Intermediate Reinforcement: 23.3 x 24 x 1730 mm
  • Lower Reinforcement: 40 x 38 x 1730 mm


  • Exotic Brown
  • Anthracite Grey


  • Brown
  • Anthracite Grey
  • Silver Grey
  • Sandy Anthracite Grey
  • Sandy Silver Grey

Slat finish: SMOOTH & GROOVED

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