Grooved slats

Product Categories: Decking

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ApricotExotic BrownEmerald GreyAnthracite Grey

The Natural grooved Technological Wood slats are ideal for…

…public or private pedestrian walkways, terraces, avenues, swimming pool beaches or bridges. This finish is particularly suitable for areas with furniture with chairs and tables, as well as for walkways with high pedestrian traffic density.

A solid Technological Wood board.

The grooved boards are always solid. They are part of the Natural Line of VISENDUM®. Like all the Natural line boards, they evoke an authentic and cared aspect. Similar to wood, it is easily worked with the same tools.

Personalize your terrace with the Natural line boards!

With its range of colors, its three finishes and its three different widths, the Natural Line of VISENDUM® allows you to compose an original terrace that fulfill your dreams! Discover and combine the smooth and embossed finishes.


A slip-resistant decking board

The grooved finishes and invisible fastenings of this solid finish gives an original and authentic look to your terrace, and it’s even non-slip!

If you want to be unique, dare to create your terrace with the different lengths and finishes of the GROOVED boards!

Technical Details

Available dimensions:

  • 138mm x 23mm x 4000mm CLASSIC
  • 150mm x 21mm x 2000mm DERMIA
  • 160mm x 23mm x 2000mm CROSS

Special sizes available up to 7m long (on request)

Available colors:

  • Apricot
  • Exotic Brown
  • Emerald Grey
  • Anthracite Grey

GROOVED finish