Embossed slats

Product Categories: Cladding, Decking

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ApricotExotic BrownEmerald GreyAnthracite Grey

The Natural embossed Technological Wood slats are ideal for…

…your terraces, walkways and pool areas. We offer trendy finishes that do not splinter. Thanks to its special surface effect; you will appreciate their ease of installation and use. For an original and personalized installation, you can choose to mix and match our Technological Wood slats, for example by alternating boards of different sizes or colors!

A solid Technological Wood board with an excellent finish

The embossed Technological Wood boards belong to VISENDUM®’s Natural line. We offer common characteristics of all our products: non-darkening, rot-proof and UV-resistant, among other things. Its structured surface effect gives this finish a very appreciated natural character! An authentic and well-kept appearance is guaranteed.

Freedom of creation and installation with EMBOSSED boards!

The Natural embossed line offers a wide range of colors, sizes, finishes and accessories, allowing a great freedom of creation in the design of your outdoor spaces. For an original and personalized terrace, you can alternate the embossed finish with the grooved or smooth finish.


A trendy terrace board made of solid Technological Wood material is the latest fashion.

The embossed finish is designed with a surface effect reminiscent of wood grain. This type of surface finish shades and softens over time, eventually offering an increasingly natural look as the seasons go by. Let yourself be seduced by this warm and authentic embossed finish.

Technical Details

Available dimensions:

  • 138mm x 23mm x 4000mm CLASSIC
  • 150mm x 21mm x 2000mm DERMIA
  • 160mm x 23mm x 2000mm CROSS

Special sizes available up to 7m long (on request)

Available colors:

  • Apricot
  • Exotic Brown
  • Emerald Grey
  • Anthracite Grey